For those of you who like to have your own peek at the source material here is a glossary of works that was consulted during the course of this research. 

Record Sources and collections of correspondence:

Accounts of the Lord High Treasurer of Scotland 1473 - 1566. Ed Thomas Dickson and Sir James Balfour

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Registrum Secreti Sigilii Regum Scotorum Vol iii 1513-1542. Ed JB Paul and JM Thomson

State Papers of Henry VIII. London 1830 - 1852

Primary Sources

A History of Greater Britain as well as England and Scotland. John Major. Edinburgh. T&A Constable. 1892

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A Diurnal of Remarkable Occurences that have passed within the country of Scotland ...Edinburgh. Bannantyne and Maitland Club. 1833.

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Main Secondary References

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