Kineill HouseKinneil House in Bo'ness was the seat of the Hamiltons at the time of the battle and was probably used as muster point for Arran's retainers. Although most of the building on view post date the battle, Arran's original tower is still discernable







The Royal Palace at Stirling - Lennox's homebase

Stirling Castle was used by Lennox and Queen Margaret as the muster point for his army. Not only did it maintain its own garrison but also the armoury and arsenal was used to fit out the rebel troops. After the battle Angus rode hard to Stirling but found Beaton and Margaret had already gone into hiding






Houston House now a top class hotelHouston House. Patrick Houston of Houston House allied himself to Lennox and was killed at the battle. His lands were forfeited to Angus and Arran. The house is now a top class hotel.









The Dongeon at WarkWark Castle. Not much is left of this once impressive fortress which now stands in private grounds. However even a visit to see the foundations of the dongeon gives a good impression of the task the French faced in storming the place. There are also good views of the strategic crossing point on theTweed from the ramparts.





Falkland Palace

Falkland Palace. According to Pitscottie, this was reputedly the scene of James's daring escape in 1528. As his Douglas jailors were distracted by visits to local relatives and acquaintences, James announced his early bedtime, only to put on a robe and sneak off to the stables to steal a horse and ride hard for Stirling Castle. However a study of parliamentary records suggests he fled from Edinburgh not Falkland. What we do know is that he died here in 1542. 





Dunfermline Abbey

Dunfermline Abbey. The abbey was a Beaton stronghold at the time of the battle and was ransacked by the Douglases in the following days in their attempt to find the cardinal. He had gone into hiding; some say as a shepherd on the Boroughmuir. The Abbey is best known as the final resting place of King Robert the Bruce whose heart appears as the Douglas emblem.






Blackness CastleBlackness Castle. This was to be one of James's finest fortresses, but at the time of the battle it was an arsenal and armoury and a likely source of guns for the Hamiltons.